Top 5 Mistakes Dancers Make at Auditions

A lot of people will at some point bang their head against something. And when it hurts, bang it again hoping that it won’t hurt this time. Don’t be like them. Stop making these mistakes that dancers keep making at auditions.

1. Not dancing how they want: If you’re a dancer whose style isn’t sexy but they ask for sexy, then dancing ghetto style like you’re about to beat someone up won’t replace what they want.

If they ask you to dance hip-hop and you’re making everything light and airy like a ballerina you’re not dancing how they want. If they want you to dance like you’re floating and you make everything really grounded you’re not giving them what they want either.

2. Not dressing how they want: Similar to the above. If they want you to dress sexy, don’t walk in with pumps, baggy jeans and your punk hairstyle.

If you’re unsure bring a change of outfits in your bag just in case so you’re prepared and can change into another outfit to suit what they want on the day. Image is not everything but image definitely is important, make no mistake.

3. Turning up unprepared: If they asked you to prepare a routine to a particular song and you chose to do it to a different track then they’re probably wondering whether you speak English okay.

If they ask you to arrive for your audition at 11:30 and you arrive at 12 they’re unlikely to be impressed unless you’re lucky and the audition happens to be running late (which always seems to happen when you’re early).

4. Slagging off the client: You don’t need to be the biggest fan but if you’re auditioning for Mariah Carey’s latest video and you say that you think her music is outdated and she has an annoying voice, they probably won’t want you anywhere near her for fear of upsetting the diva herself.

5. Not dancing the choreography the choreographer’s way: When the choreographer shows you the choreography they’ll tell you the way they want it danced too. Most dancers just ignore this and dance it their own way.

If they want you to dance the choreography your own way and with your own flavour they’ll tell you. Remember this is their choreography after all so they’ll be casting a much more critical eye over it than any freestyle sections of the audition. If you want to do things your way, do it in the freestyle where you’ll be usually free to express yourself any way you want to.

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Feeling Sexy Is Being Sexy

As a former exotic dancer, I learned that the way a woman dresses expresses her sexuality immensly. If a woman dresses drab and droopy, she will get less attention than a woman that is dressed provacatively. In this way of thinking, if you would like to attract more attention, you should dress in something sexy, sensual and erotic.

I found that when I dressed in sexy clubwear, the men turned their heads. They stopped in their tracks. You too can get this sort of attention by wearing clubwear or dancewear. This also expresses to the men around you that you are not shy, but like to express your sexuality. Dressing in sexy clubwear or dancewear also makes you feel more sexy and when you feel sexy you express this to others around you.

It is possible to be sexy without sacrificing any shred of morality and decency. Being sexy is all a state of mind and you must feel sexy before you can look sexy. When it comes to feeling sexy, we as women have the power to do it. Women can not rely on friends, family or even their spouse to make them feel sexy, these people will rarely be able to make the the difference as they are always prone to not say anything as to hurt our feelings. We as women must find inside ourselves the feeling of sexy. You must be confident, and self assured, you must stay healthy and you must wear clothing that makes you feel good. You don’t even have to be thin and skinny or barbie-doll-like to wear something sexy either. There are many choices of sexy lingerie and clubwear for the full figure woman as well.

If you are an exotic dancer, appropriate clothing is the main asset and tool used. You will want to be sexy and seductive while being able to move around and dance in your outfits. You may want something with a theme, or something just plain simple. You can find many different types and styles at Stripper Clothes By Bratt or You might be looking for mini skirts, dresses, or even body stockings and you can find them here. You will also want to have some sexy footwear to accent your clothing and you can find those also.

Do you want to look and feel sexy? If you are looking for the type of clothing that will get you all this attention, then you can check out the extensive collection of lingerie, dancewear and clubwear at Stripper Clothes By Bratt.

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Sexy Clothes Make the Exotic Dancer

It might seem odd to think about one stop shopping when it comes to sexy clothing and club-wear for exotic dancers, but it really isn’t. Sex appeal is something you either have or you don’t have. There’s no way to purchase it, but the right accessories can help you out quite a bit if you are somewhere on the fence between desire and action but not quite sure how to climb over. If you’re on the fence this is not the same location as between the devil and the deep blue sea, although it may seem like it for some.

If you are one of those exotic dancers or even just a bedroom wannabe, you can choose from a multitude of sinful, sexy categories. These include but are not limited to: sexy dresses and micro-mini dresses, long gowns, halter dresses (with or without matching thongs), bustiers, pasties and g-strings, camisoles and camisettes (to be admired by gigolos and worn by gigolettes), his and her outfit sets. If you’re interested in theme shows, fantasy-inducing good night nurses and school girl teddies and costumes are an excellent choice.

The seductive possibilities are countless and truth be told, your sexiness is limited only by the boundaries of your own particular imagination. Taking off one’s clothes is an art form for professional exotic dancers, but even for the non-dancing woman who likes to have fun dressing sexy, the thought of the effect the clothes will have on the viewer when taking them off is just as much so. Clothes make the stripper–it’s what you can take off that will make you irresistible.

The voyeur embedded deeply within all of us to a certain healthy extent is temporarily satiated with the proper visual aids. seductive, sexy, erotic and playful are just a few of the possible adjectives you might want to consider before purchasing sexy exotic aparel for that next night out or bedroom play.

The author commonly writes about fashion news and fashion tips for SummitFashions.

Top 5 Sexiest Female Halloween Costumes For 2009

Halloween is the perfect occasion to lower all inhibitions and release that sexy vixen we all have inside us. Every year Halloween costume fashions become more and more risque. This year is sure to turn the knob all the way up to eleven on the sexy scale. Here is a list of my top 5 sexy Halloween costumes for 2009.

1. Officer Arrest Me Costume: Year in and year out this is a favorite among those sex kittens out there looking to handcuff some lucky stud. You don’t even have to yell FREEZE to stop them dead in their tracks with this smoking HOT ensemble.

2. Sexy Robin Costume: With the popularity of Batman on the rise, what could be more suited that this sexy sidekick outfit? HOLY SEXTASTIC BATMAN! This one is hot, hot, hot! For even more fun go as a couple: Batman and Robin.

3. French Kiss Adult Dancer Burlesque Costume: There’s nothing sexier to me than burlesque fashion and this one is a doozy. Give them a show they want forget in this spicy seductive costume!

4. Captain America Sexy Costume: Show your patriotism as well as your long legs as the female version of Marvel’s Captain America. The boys will surely salute you!

5. Watchmen Silk Spectre Sexy Costume: 2009 saw the release of the graphic novel “Watchmen” onto the silver screen. Well this Watchmen had us drooling till the bitter end. Kick some serious butt in this erotic outfit including garters. SWEET!

Ladies out there show your true sex appeal this hallows eve in one of these provocative adult Halloween costumes or choose one of your own. Halloween 2009 promises to be a memorable one with lots new and exciting costumes featuring low cut tops and tight short skirts. Just remember this, the shorter and tighter the better. Happy Halloween!

Step Out in Burlesque Style

There is no accessory in any woman’s closet that does more to bring an outfit together than a pair of shoes. They can make a huge difference in how your outfit is perceived. Take the same outfit, and add different shoes, and you will have a completely different style on your hands. Think of how a single pair of jeans can be made sexy and flirty with the addition of high heels, or casual and relaxed with a pair of flip-flops. Only shoes can make that big a difference without changing your clothes at all. The addition of the sexiest shoes around to your wardrobe can take you from dull to fabulous in no time at all.

Looking for inspiration when it comes to sexy footwear? Take a look at the stars of burlesque. These performers know the power of a pair of sexy shoes! The shoes often wind up front and center as the performance progresses. Burlesque dancers select shoes that have a special kind of style and glamour that can’t be mistaken. You can take a teasing touch of burlesque everywhere you go just by picking up some shoes that show off your inner dancer.

Burlesque performances are exotic, glamorous and teasing. Every good burlesque dancer knows that her shoes are a big part of her style, and when she takes to the stage to show off her moves, she is ready to truly walk the walk in the sexiest shoes around.

These shoes are true works of art, not just simple footwear. They make use of feminine touches that remind us of days gone by. Touches of lace, buckles and bows, glitter and shine, these shoes are pretty, sexy and definitely not boring. It’s easy to draw attention in shoes that are designed for it, and when you head out in a new pair of burlesque inspired shoes, you will certainly be in the spotlight.

You can choose just how much excitement you want from your shoes. Take it over the top in the brightest colors and biggest accents, or choose something a little more subtle that still carries sure signs of an eye for glamour. Your burlesque shoes can be a part of your everyday wardrobe as well as making a night out on the town extra special and keeping you at the center of attention.

Every woman has an inner seductress, and with some burlesque inspired shoes in your closet, you can show the world what you are made of. They are the perfect choice to top off a sexy Halloween costume as well as a stand out option for a night of dancing at the club. Dinner out with your favorite guy, or girl’s night out on the town, the options for when and where to step out in your sexiest shoes are endless.

Pole Dancing Workout – Get Sexy and Fit at the Same Time

Pole dancing workout may be just the thing you are looking for to get slim trim and sexy. So, if there is a stripper bound within you, its time to let the animal free ‘coz she will help you get the figure you always wanted to. Just working out for a few hours will leave burn more calories from your body in comparison to a few hours of gymming exercise.
So why is there such a craze about it? Well, have you seen the pole dancer strippers in the men’s bars? Well, you must have a look at them, not only are they sexy but they are also extremely flexible. Won’t it be more fun in bed if you could stretch like them?

Surely it would be but the secret to the great figure they have is also just the dance. Moreover, you do not need to control your diet nor eat soup for the rest of your life; just dance and dance those calories away. If you ask me what is the coolest way to loose weight I would definitely say, pole dancing workout is!
So what will you be expecting when you are in for a pole dancing workout? Well, basically it is the dance form in itself but since it is so rigorous with light steps leading to full body vaults that it ultimately burns off all the extra fat you have.
I suggested pole dancing workout to a friend and now she is the sexiest women in town and her husband is showing her a lot more interest that earlier. So, it is worth a try because if you can get your husband to love you again along with getting a great body, you will be very lucky.

Now, pole dancing workout includes things like the walk around and the leg grip and ripple coupled with the butterfly and the swing etc. There is also the reverse hold and the leg grip. These steps will help you expand your potentials to the fullest and you will be able to stretch and dance within a few weeks time. So start your pole dancing workout today.